About Fernando Sanchez

The owner

Born in Mexico, and raised in Texas, Fernando eventually made his way to Washington to work in the fields. In the 1960s, he fell ill having trouble with his lungs and sent for Spokane to see a doctor. Fernando was told that he would have to find a more suitable industry. Around 1967, he found a job as a shoe repairman, was trained, and began working at White’s Boots (a Spokane-based company founded in the early 1900s). His interest motivated him to understand the trade inside and out.


Come be a part of traditional boot making history and experience the benefit of a hand-crafted, quality designed boot, made-to-fit perfectly for you.

Sanchez has done repair, fitting, measuring, sewing, and design for over 40 years. Apart from a few antique sewing machines, everything is built by hand; a trait that cannot usually be said for many outfitters. Unlike many of his competitors, Fernando hand crafts each individual boot from start to finish. Using classic measuring tools and superior materials, Sanchez Custom Boots is well known for its durability and unique design. Each customer  receives a custom boot fitting, as they are escorted through an authentic hand-crafted process.